Monday, May 11, 2009

Calendar and About this Blog

Welcome to Rosemont and to my blog.

My name is Josh and I am an RA at Rosemont College. While browsing for ideas for the coming year, one RA suggested creating a blog to keep residents updated on events and as one way to interact with residents, fellow RA's, etc. In addition to that, I may occasionally take polls here to determine activities and community builders. For your convienence, I have attached a calendar to the bottom of the page. Currently, it is just the 2009-2010 academic calendar from the Rosemont website (transfered to a google calendar). I'll update it with activities, athletic events, and any other events that you would like me to add.

If at any time you have comments, questions, concerns, or ideas feel free to post here, email me, or talk to me in person.